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    Welcome to the Friends of the Tay Watershed

The Friends of the Tay Watershed is a non-profit charitable association of residents, associations, NGOs and governments, dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health of the Tay River watershed, in eastern Ontario.

Our objective for this website is to provide easy access to the wealth of information on our watershed, its water and its natural resources. It will also inform you about the many activities that our association delivers, often in partnership with other associations and agencies, to ensure the watershed"s ongoing health.

In the menu at the left, in addition to our association, you will find in-depth information on the Watershed, including water quality and quantity, the watershed's geography and its history, the area's "Lake Networking Group", the best paddling routes, and a gallery of photos, from the ground and the air, of the area lakes and streams.

Thank you for your interest and your help in looking after this beautiful, and little-known gem of eastern Ontario.

The Tay Watershed, located in eastern Ontario, Canada, is home to the Tay River, the historic Tay Canal, over 45 lakes, and numerous streams. Over its 95 km length, it crosses six municipalities (South Frontenac, Central Frontenac, Rideau Lakes, Tay Valley, Drummond/North Elmsley, and Perth), and two counties - Lanark and Frontenac, in eastern Ontario. The watershed is part of the major Great Lakes Basin, with its waters feeding the Ottawa and eventually St. Lawrence Rivers, enroute to the Atlantic.

The Tay Watershed is also the largest tributary and reservoir of the World Heritage site Rideau Canal system.

Current Events & Notices

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  • Membership Draw
  • Water Guardian Bursary - 2023
  • Lake Links Webinar Recordings
  • Bill 23:More Homes Built Faster Act
  • Lake Protection Workbook
  • Drinking Water Study
  • New Bench Donated by the Friends
  • Paddling the Tay Brochure - 2022
  • 2021 Annual Report
  • Friends New Facebook Page

  • Flood & Drought Forecasting & Warnings

    Current Conditions Statement for the Tay Watershed

    Current Conditions for the Greater Rideau Waterway

    Streamflow & Water Level Data

    The Tay Net Waterway Reporting Program

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