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    This page will provide a link to an ecclectic mix of information about the watershed. New items will be added here from time to time.

    1. Geology and Mining Report
        The report entitled "Geology, Mineral Deposits and History of Mining in the Tay River Watershed" is now available on-line. This report, written by geologist Donald Sherwin, for the Friends of the Tay Watershed Association contains a wealth of geological and mining information for our watershed. It includes references to the occurrence of uranium in our watershed, as well as a detailed mineral occurrences map. The Print version is also available from the Friends of the Tay Watershed.
        Click here for the report.

    2. Check out your mineral rights
        Because there is considerable confusion about which properties have retained the mineral rights with surface rights, in Ontario, we have posted an explanation of how to determine this on the Internet ~ click here for further information.

    3. Geological Map of Perth Area
        Check out this geological map of the Perth area click here 
        Hint: Depending on your device, either use your touchpad to re-size and focus, or use + or - or Zoom buttons at top to change map size and use scroll bars at bottom or right to focus on area of interest.
        Source: Natural Resources Canada, Earth Sciences Publications

    4. Paddling the Tay
        The Tay River is a hidden jewel. It gives one the impression that it is miles from civilization and yet it is literally at our back door. It is a marvelous river to paddle. Printed copies of this brochure are available through the Friend of the Tay Watershed. Many thanks to the team that put this one together.
        For a virtual copy of the new and improved "Paddling the Tay" brochure, please click here

    5. Tay River indicators
    6. Bird Sightings Along the Tay Canal

    7. Mills of the Tay
        The interesting and informative book on the Mills of the Tay written by David Taylor has been updated and is now available for viewing.
        Click Here for the PDF version. ~ July 10, 2021

    8. Lake Protection Workbook




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