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Tay Watershed Information

Ken Watson's Photo Story
of the Tay Canal

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Tay Watershed Maps

Watershed Map 1

Watershed Map 2


3MB PDF Version

RVCA Tay River Subwatershed Catchment Map  

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Did you know?

  • The Tay River Watershed is approximately 850 square kilometres in size.
  • The Tay River is approximately 95 km long.
  • The Tay River drops an average of 1.2 metres per kilometre (6.4 feet per mile).
  • There are 46 lakes in the Tay River Watershed.
  • Christie Lake is 1626 acres in size.
  • Otty Lake is 1664 acres in size.
  • Bobs Lake is 7962 acres in size.
  • There are 6 municipalities within the Tay River Watershed.
  • There are 4 dams and 1 set of locks on the Tay River.
  • The headwaters of the Tay River are used as a reservoir for the Rideau Canal.
  • The Tay River was originally called Pike Creek.

Bodies of Water in the Tay Watershed

(For pictures of selected sites, go to the Image Gallery)

Lakes, Bays and Ponds

Top of Watershed (above north-south railroad line from Oconto to Tichborne)
Abbott Danby *Leggat Miller
Barton Duncan Little Beaver Oconto
Carnahan *Eagle Little Mud Scanlin
Clow *Elbow Long Spruce

Middle Watershed (between Oconto/Tichborne Line and Christie Lake)
Atwood *Davern Little Rock *Rainbow
Beaver Deer *Little Silver Rock (north)
*Bobs & Crow Doran Little Twins Sucker
Buck Bay Farrell Lynn Thompson Pond
Burns Pond Green Bay Mud Bay Victoria
*Christie Lake of the Hills O'Brien Weatherhead
*Crosby Little Crosby *Pike  

Below Christie Lake
Andrew Mclaren Mud Lke Rock (south)
Doctor Mills *Otty Thoms Mud

* lakes that are known to have an association now or recent

Creeks in the Watershed

Above Oconto/Tichborne Line
Fish Stag Stub Uens

Between the Line and Christie Lake
Davern; Eagle    

Below Christie Lake
Grants Blueberry Jebbs Rudsdale
Scotts (Snye)      



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