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    Thursday January 27, 2011

    Lanark Lodge Auditorium

    115 Christie Lake Road,  Perth


    3:30 to 5:00pm




    1.         Agenda

    2.         Minutes of AGM for 2009

    3.        List of Association Activities in 2010
    ~ shown by month
    ~ shown by sector

    4.        2010 Financial Statements and Auditor's Report

    5.        Proposed 2011 Budget

    6.         Board of Directors Slate for 2011

    7.         Draft Event and Project Calendar for 2011


    Copies of these documents are available on this website, by clicking on any item in the above list.


    1. Welcome and Introductions


    The meeting was chaired by Executive Committee member Debra Bellevue.

    Debra opened the meeting at 3:00 pm with a welcome to all. As 13 members were in attendance, a quorum was in place.


    Members of the 2010 Board in attendance were introduced.  The 2010 Directors were thanked for their advice and assistance to the organization over the past year and the special projects that they had taken on.  In attendance were returning Board members Taro Alps, Debra Bellevue, Carol Dillon, Karen Hunt, Doug James, Gillian Scobie, Colin Stephenson, and David Taylor.  Unable to attend were Board members Annie Dalton, John Gittens, Shannon Goltz, Chris Stone and ex officio member John Fenik. Also in attendance were members of the FoTW Advisory Board: David Crowley, Cam McLeod and Joe Slater and representing special interests: Drew Lampman, Environmental Officer for Omya Canada and Peggy Land, Canadian Federation of University Women (Perth).


    Again this year, the association eliminated paper handouts and the presentations were based on Power Point summaries.  However, a set of the documents was available at a display table, and paper versions offered if desired (no requests received). A complete set of the documents is posted on the website at



    2.     Approval of 2009 AGM Minutes


          The Minutes for the 2009 AGM, held on January 29, 2010, at the Dufferin Square       Conference Room were reviewed briefly.  Carol Dillon presented brief highlights of the             2009 AGM minutes.    


    The first highlight was that 2009 was a healthy year financially for the association. A number of grant applications were successful and several large donations were received.  This robust funding allowed for the completion of several key projects such as the Tabloid (2nd edition), the Children’s Water Festival and Grade 8 curriculum-based water education through Nature Works Learning.


    The second item highlighted from the 2009 AGM minutes was the continued value-added   by the spin-off benefits of such grants as noted by David Taylor last year.  The spin-off benefits to the community are both environmental and economical.


    As there was no further discussion, the minutes for AGM 2009 were approved by a motion from the floor.

    Motion:           That the final Minutes for the 2009 AGM, dated February 16, 2010, be        accepted as presented.

                Moved:           David Taylor

                Seconded:       Gillian Scobie

                Motion passed (unanimous)



    3.     A Very Active 2010 - Review of Association Activities for 2010


    As Chris Stone was unable to attend, Carol Dillon presented a review of the highlights of activities for 2010.  These are recorded on slides 6-14 of the Power Point presentation and in the association's newsletter for January 2011. She noted that the Friends had a very active year for all our main objectives, from active stewardship, outreach, and advocacy and consultation through to improvements to the website.  Activities did show a planned change in focus with more emphasis on education and awareness for young people in order to contribute more to the development of a new generation of water stewards.



    4.     Presentation of 2010 Financial Statements and 2011 Budget


    Debra Bellevue presented a $5,000. cheque to the FoTW on behalf of the Royal Bank of Canada’s Blue Water Program.  Carol Dillon accepted on behalf of the Friends of the Tay and noted that the monies would be spent sponsoring the Grade 8 water education program in Perth.


    Treasurer Colin Stephenson presented a summary of the Association’s financial report for 2010. He noted that the formal financial statements were available on the display table and on the website. He also noted that the audit had been completed on the 2010 finacial statements and related records and thanked John Gibb Carsley for his pro bono work.


    Colin noted that the Association ended the year with a healthy cash balance of $16,258, of which $11,318 was dedicated to various projects, as indicated on the Balance Sheet.


    In reviewing the Cash Flow Statement, Colin indicated that inflows were much higher than anticipated, as the result of successful grant applications, while outflows were just slightly higher than budget, resulting in a much higher cash position than anticipated.


            Colin outlined the Proposed Budget for 2011, which projected inflows of $21,850 and outflows of $27,468. He noted that Grants, in particular looked relatively large, but that they contained more than $14,000 in funding already promised for 2011, including $4,950 RBC Blue Water Grant for Nature Works Project and $9,400 for Canadian Heritage Grant for Tay 175 Legacy Project (second installment). He explained that the resulting deficit budget projection reflected the conclusion of projects for which funding had been received in earlier years.


                Motion:           That the 2010 Financial Statement and 2011 Budget be accepted as presented.

                Moved:           Karen Hunt

                Seconded:       Joe Slater

                Motion passed (unanimous)



    5.     Opportunities for 2011


    Carol Dillon introduced the topic of Opportunities for 2011 by explaining that each year the association has two kinds of activities: maintaining ongoing successful programs such as the Watershed Discovery Day and responding to new opportunities and challenges that present themselves such as RVCA’s plan to redo the Tay Watershed Management Plan in 2011.


    Colin organized the 2011 Ongoing Events in four monthly quarters to illustrate that the Friends are active year round (For list of events, see PowerPoint slide # 18).


    Ongoing Opportunities for 2011 include stewardship and advocacy projects that have not been completed.  These are shown on PP slide # 19 and include Town of Perth infrastructure (Water Treatment Plant effluent and Wilson Street storm water treatment), development of the Miller property at Glen Tay, lobbying for the inclusion of the upper Tay in the Rideau Corridor plans, and setting up a Tay Award bursary.


    Chris Stone’s 2010 suggestion for a "hands wet- hands dirty" project in 2010 was realized by the Friends’ contribution to the clearing of brush to the Tay River as part of the Accessibility Trail project behind Lanark Lodge.


    Carol addressed upcoming issues and projects to monitor, and comment on in 2011.  These include the Town of Perth Official Plan revision, Lanark County Official Plan revision, development of lands north of highway 7, especially the area of Blueberry Marsh which feeds into the Tay River, and the RVCA Revision of the Tay Management Plan. It was suggested that the FoTW needs to have a member attend Town of Perth meetings to make sure the environment and water are taken into account as a new plan is developed.  The FoTW also need to be involved/informed as RVCA develops its new plan for the Tay watershed.


    Thanks were expressed to webmaster Colin Stephenson for his extensive work in producing such an excellent website.



    6.     Election of 2011 Board of Directors


    Debra Bellevue introduced a proposed slate for the Board of Directors for 2011.  David Taylor noted that there was no representative from RVCA on the Board.  Colin explained that Matt Craig had moved to MVCA and efforts to obtain a replacement for him were not successful to date; however, Colin will pursue this further during 2011. 


                As there were no additional nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed.


                Motion:           That the proposed slate for 2011 be accepted as presented.

                Moved:           David Taylor

                Seconded:       Taro Alps

                Motion passed (unanimous)


                A copy of the new slate for Board of Directors is included at Appendix 5.


                Regarding the presidency, it was moved that the practice instituted in 2010 of rotating the     presidency among Carol Dillon, Chris Stone, and Colin Stephenson be continued with            each serving a four-month term.  


                Moved             Joe Slater

                Seconded        Doug James

                Vote                All in favour.


                The Executive Committee will remain the same for 2011: Chris Stone, Carol Dillon, Colin Stephenson, Debra Bellevue, Gillian Scobie and Shannon Goltz.


    The slate for the Advisory Panel formed last year was presented.  See Appendix 6.


    1. Other Business, Questions and Comments


                Drew Lampman, Environmental Officer for Omya Canada provided an update on the       MOE report on the Omya spill into the Tay River June 2010.  The report stated that the       spill had no harmful effects on the river.  Drew’s report was appreciated because MOE   does not report its findings to the community.  Drew also announced that Omya’s annual             meeting to report to the community has been scheduled for February 16, 2011, 7:00 pm at         Code’s Mill Inn on the Park.


    Cam McLeod commented that the strongest legislation is federal, and suggested there be better communication when a spill happens. The question was raised: Can the feds be involved when a spill happens?


    Peggy Land, representing the Canadian Federation of University Women spoke briefly about concerns for people swimming in the Tay River in Stewart Park and the fact that the signage does not indicate that the water quality may not be safe for swimming. She also mentioned that the CFUW (Perth) is interested in the WTP effluent and stormwater monitoring and the CFUW environment committee is considering holding a public meeting in April about these issues. She asked for a meeting with FoTW members to discuss these matters further. A meeting was arranged to follow the AGM and Colin Stephenson, Carol Dillon, Gillian Scobie and Debra Bellevue met with her from 5:00 to 7:00 January 27th.


    David Taylor pointed out that there are three issues for FoTW consideration in the Town of Perth: the effluent from the Water Treatment Plant entering the Tay River; mitigation of untreated storm water entering the Tay River from Wilson Street; and reconstruction of the Haggart Dams.


    David Taylor reported on the Haggart Dams in Perth.  He said studies completed last year confirmed that the dams are essential to the protection of the ecosystem, especially for the protection of fish habitat.  However, there is a problem of financing the rebuilding.  He said RVCA is focussing on rebuilding the smaller dam because it is less costly and RV has limited funds to dedicate. The question of the Rainbow Bridge in Stewart Park and safety issues was also raised.  The question is to find sufficient funding to do all the work needed.


                In reply to a question about previous discussions about the possibility of an electro-hydro   dam, David Taylor replied that little interest had been shown in the idea, and that             fundraising would be needed to buy a microgenerator for the smaller dam.


    Cam McLeod asked if fish ladders had been considered at the dams.  David Taylor replied that MNR did not seem to be pushing for fish ladders.


    David Taylor concluded that the contribution of the Tay River to tourism and recreation, needs to be valued more.  For example, better canoe and kayak access to the river as it passes through the Town and portages are needed.  


    David Crawley, Perth representative to RVCA, reported that RV does not set its budget until February 24th, and has tentatively set aside some money in the budget for reconstruction of the dams in Perth.  He said the total cost is estimated to be $1M, and that does not include any fish ladders.  He said the problem is that RV cannot levy other municipalities for a project, such as the Haggart Dams, that is not of benefit to any municipality other than Perth.  Therefore, the Town of Perth will have to contribute monies towards the rebuilding; however, the Town has said it does not have the money.  David went on the say that you can’t fix one dam without fixing the other and that the weir at the golf course also needs repair.  He concurred that the issue of the Rainbow Bridge is a safety issue and needs to be addressed.


                David Taylor and Taro Alps are involved with the Upper Tay and the             economic/environmental impact of the Rideau Corridor project on the Tay.


    David Taylor noted that RVCA has completed floodplain mapping from Glen Tay to Christie Lake that reveals the influence of the operation of the dam at Bolingbroke has more of an influence than previously thought.  This information may help in getting Rideau Corridor recognition of the upper Tay, and may also help in assessing development plans.  Future work includes remapping the floodplain areas of Perth and Christie Lake to Bobs Lake. It was noted that a higher standard is needed now due to the unknown effects of climate change and the fact that floodplain rules were established in response to Hurricane Hazel in 1954 and need updating.  It was suggested that for these reasons, the FoTW should ask that the 1 in 100 year standard be changed to 1 in 200 years. Information  about floodplain mapping is online at RVCA.


    Joe Slater provided an update on the Meisel Woods trail in the upper watershed.  He reported that RVCA has set aside a budget of $170,000 to build a 600 foot floating walkway to continue the trail through a marshy area.  This will complete the 5 kilometer trail through pristine woods.


    The next FoTW Board meeting was set for March 24, 2011, 3:00 to 5:00pm.  Place to be determined.


                Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.  






                                                                                                    AGM 2010 Minutes Dr2 CaD Feb 7/11




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