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Press Release and Article – for release October 7, 2005


The Tay Watershed from the Air

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"Perth Basin from the Air (from Friends of the Tay Watershed web site")

The Friends of the Tay Watershed have added a great new feature to their web site – aerial photographs of the watershed - that will be of interest to residents, cottagers, teachers, students, farmers, and businesses alike.

The aerial photos presently cover a selection of locations in the Tay watershed from Port Elmsley and Beveridge Locks, at the bottom, to Bobs and Crow Lakes, at the top. Amongst the photos currently on display are the Tay River and Canal, Tay Marsh, the Town of Perth, Port Elmsley, Glen Tay, many of the watershed lakes (Otty, Pike, Christie, Crosby, and Bobs & Crow) and creeks (Grants, Jebbs, and Rudsdale).

The ‘Gallery’, located at <> (click on "Image Gallery"), will be added to in the coming weeks with other areas of the watershed and its water bodies.

Residents are invited to suggest other locations that you would like to see on the site – or send in your own lake or river photos for posting on the site - to - or by mail.

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