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How to Become a Member

Who are the members of the "Friends"?

The "Friends of the Tay Watershed" would welcome your support for our activities to preserve the watershed and its water and related resources.

Our memberships includes watershed residents of all ages, and residents of other areas who value the watershed and its environment. We also welcome lake and environmental organizations, and government and private organizations concerned with sustainable land use and the protection of these water resources.

In addition to supporting our association activities, your membership will ensure that you receive timely and in-depth updates on these and related developments in the watershed, and, at times, invitations to participate in them.

To become a member, or to renew a prior membership you may either make an on-line payment by credit card through PayPal or by sending us a cheque.

Please Select:

    1. Payment by Paypal:
        Hint: Click on "Buy Now" button to start. A PayPal Account is not required ~ just click on "Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card" and insert your card information on the next screen.

      If you are a New Member, or a current member with new contact information, kindly fill in the  Fillable Membership Form , save it on your computer and email it to us as indicated on the form.

    2. Payment by Cheque
      You may also pay a new or renewed membership by cheque
      by forwarding the Fillable Membership Form, together with your cheque, by mail to:

      Friends of the Tay Watershed
      P.O. Box 2065
      57 Foster Street
      Perth, ON
      K7H 3M9
      Hint: Renewing Members only need to provide their name and any changed information.

If you would like more information on becoming a member, please contact us by clicking here.

Privacy Policy

    We are committed to providing members and other visitors with a website that respects their privacy. We do not collect or distribute personal information from the visitors to our site. Personal data collected from members as they join or renew their memberships in the FoTW is only used for our communications purposes. It is never provided to any third party.

Some FoTW members at work at the Maplefest booth.

The 'Friends' are always looking for volunteers to help with our program. If you would like to donate your talents to this worthwhile cause, please indicate your interest on the attached Membership form.

The Friends of the Tay Watershed also includes the following Supporting Organizations:

  • Beveridge Bay Cottage Owners Association
  • Christie Lake Association
  • Crosby Lake Association
  • Davern Lake Association
  • Eagle Lake Property Owners Association
  • Farren Lake Property Owners Association
  • Friends of the Jock River
  • Frontenac Stewardship Council
  • Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association
  • Lanark County Stewardship Council
  • Lanark Citizens Action Group
  • Little Silver Lake Property Owners Association
  • M.A.P.L.E.
  • Otty Lake Association
  • Perth Community Association
  • Pike Lake Community Association
  • Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL)
  • Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA)
  • Rideau Waterway Land Trust



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