FoTW Bulletin Board
Lake Management Planning Program's
10th Anniversary

August 15, 2015

    This year, in addition to our usual activities, Watershed Discovery Day held a brief ceremony to recognise the 10th anniversary of the launch of this area’s lake management planning program. In 2005, our association partnered with Otty Lake Association, RVCA, MVCA, Tay Valley Township, and Lanark County Community Stewardship Council to manage a three-year $96,000 Ontario Trillium Foundation grant, which laid the foundation for technical support and initial staff resources for the area’s successful lake planning program.

From left:
Irv Dardick, President, Eagle Lake Property Owners Association;
David Taylor, President, Friends of the Tay Watershed;
Jennifer Dickson, Councillor, Tay Valley Township;
Karen Hunt, Past President, Otty Lake Association;
Gail Code, Deputy Reeve, Drummond/North Elmsley Township;
Louise Heslop, Chair, Grant Review Team, Ontario Trillium Foundation;
Judy Farrell, Councillor, Tay Valley Township;
Brian Campbell, Deputy Reeve, Tay Valley Township;
Jackie Stapleton, President, Farren Lake Association;
Andrea Klymko, Lake Planning Manager, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority;
Jeff Ward, Lanark County Stewardship Council and Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry;
Eugenia Flett, Past President, Farren Lake Association;
Taro Alps, Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes Association.
Missing: Roger Nuttall, Otty Lake Association.

Photo: David Zimmerly