FoTW Bulletin Board

FoTW Salutes the Little Stream Bakery
in Glen Tay

The Friends of the Tay Watershed salutes Graham Beck of the Little Stream Bakery for his commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices and his support for local environmental organizations. The Bakery’s goal is to leave the smallest footprint possible in all of its energy consumption, including the use of electricity from Bullfrog Power, solar hot water, a natural gas powered delivery vehicle and a commitment to employee car pooling and cycling.

The Little Stream Bakery is also a member of the 1% for the Planet Foundation. This is growing global movement of 1,259 companies that donate 1% of the value of their sales to a network of 1,847 environmental organizations worldwide. The Little Stream Bakery has selected the Friends of the Tay Watershed as one of the local environmental organizations to receive a share of its charitable donations.

We are honoured to have been selected to receive a donation from a local business that is so committed to environmental stewardship. We applaud the initiative of Mr. Beck and hope that the exemplary environmental leadership he has shown will be contagious.

Little Stream Bakery Oven

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