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Bobs Lake Dam Reconstruction Project
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Email from Michael McLay, Parks Canada
To David Taylor, FoTW President

July 10, 2015

    Mr. Taylor

    As you may be aware, on June 1, 2015, Minister Aglukkaq announced new infrastructure investments totalling $39.4 million in the Rideau Canal National Historic Site. Among the projects derived from this funding was a projects totalling $3.1M for the reconstruction of Bobs Lake Dam in the Community of Bolingbroke.

    As an interested stakeholder, I would like to provide the Friends of the Tay River Watershed Association with an update of the project. The following points may be of interest to your association:

      a. The project objective is to reconstruct Bobs Lake Dam so that it meets the requirements of the Parks Canada Directive for Dam Safety and Canadian Dam Association Dam Safety Guidelines. The new dam will enhance public safety and Parks Canada operations;
      b. The new dam will be constructed upstream of the existing structure between shore line property owned by Parks Canada. It will not be feasible to rehabilitate the existing dam due to its current state and challenging geotechnical conditions;
      c. An engineering consultant has been engaged to undertake investigations, design development and construction contact administration. To date, topographical and bathometric surveys have been completed and work is advancing on design concept development. The next step will involve geotechnical investigations at the project site;
      d. Once dam concept designs are completed, an environmental impact assessment will be initiated along with processes for required project permits and reviews.

    I will endeavour to keep your association updated as project developments occur. Please contact me if you have question.

    Thank you

    Mike McLay, P.Eng. M.Eng.
    Parks Canada | Parcs Canada
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    Kingston ON
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The Dam at Bolingbroke to be Replaced
Original Announcements ~ June 1, 2015
    According to a June 1st "backgrounder" issued by Parks Canada: "Bobs Lake Dam in the community of Bolingbroke in Frontenac County will be demolished and replaced with a new concrete dam that meets current engineering safety codes and standards. This will ensure that the new dam remains reliable and functional and water management capabilities are optimized. Bobs Lake serves as one of the main reservoir lakes for the Tay River." The cost is estimated at $3.1 million. This will be part of a a larger infrastructure program for the Rideau Canal system. Don Butler of the Ottawa Citizen characterized it this way: "Moving to address years of neglect, the federal government will spend nearly $40 million over the next five years to repair and replace crumbling infrastructure along the 183-year-old Rideau Canal." One third of the total amount will be spent within the city of Ottawa.
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