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Watershed Discovery Day

17th Annual Watershed Discovery Day Report
August 19, 2017

Our annual Watershed Discovery Day at the Crystal Palace, on August 19, 2017, again featured experts ready to answer the community’s questions on the state of our area’s water resources – and informative displays by Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Watersheds Canada, Rideau Environmental Action League, Town of Perth, Lanark Stewardship Council, and our association.

The Perth Union Library's children hour, and our 'Fish Pond' and children's book table delivered entertainment, mixed with environment, for the community’s future generations. In particular, the Association’s interactive Wetlands display attracted considerable attention to a little-known critical element of our environment.

At the event, our Water Guardian Bursary for 2017 was presented to Nick Nadeau of Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute. Thanks are due to the RVCA’s Clean Water Program, Little Stream Bakery, Maximilian’s Restaurant, TD Financial Trust, and the Farmers' Market for their support.

Shown below are some of the pictures taken of this event.

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FoTW Display Table 1

Watersheds Canada Display

Town of Perth Display

RVCA Display

REAL Display

Lanark Stewardship Council Display

Invasive Species Fish Pond

FoTW Wetlands Display

Water Guardian Bursary Presentation

Water Guardian Bursary Presentation

Flood Display

FoTW Display Table 2

Watershed Map

FoTW Wetlands Display

Some of the Visitors

(Photos by David Taylor)