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    Thursday, February 28, 2013

    Perth Museum

    11 Gore Street, Perth

    3:00 to 5:00pm



    1. Notice to Members
    2. Agenda
    3. Minutes of AGM for 2011
    4. Review of Association Activities in 2012
    5. 2012 Financial Statements
    6. Proposed 2013 Budget
    7. Board of Directors Slate for 2013
    8. Opportunities for 2013
    9. Event / Activities Calendar for 2013
    10. PowerPoint Presentation for 2012 AGM
      (Note: this is a large file ~ please click "Slide Show" icon in bottom right corner of new screen when it opens and use foward arrow key or left mouse button to advance slides)


    Copies of these documents are available on the Association website, by clicking on any item in the above list.



    1. Opening of the meeting
    2. The meeting was chaired by Executive Committee member Debra Bellevue. Debra opened the meeting at 3:00 p.m. with a welcome to all.

      The meeting got underway with a quick roundtable introduction by those present. In attendance were Board of Director members Taro Alps, Debra Bellevue, Annie Dalton, Carol Dillon, Jim Graff, Peggy Land, Joanne Sparks, Christopher Stone. Unable to attend were Board members Robert Cosh, André Frommer, and David Taylor. Two new proposed Board members, Judy Buehler and Frank Roy were also present.

      Representing the FoTW Advisory Board were David Crowley, Cam McLeod, and Colin Stephenson.

      From the general public, Louis Laframboise and Mel Dillon, both of Perth, were present. Again this year, the association eliminated paper handouts and the presentations were based on Power Point summaries. However, a complete set of the documents, along with the Power Point presentation is posted on the website.

      Quorum was established and Debra reviewed the agenda (see Appendix A) and asked members if there were any new items to add. There being none, the meeting got underway.

    3. Approval of 2011 AGM Minutes
    4. Debra asked for any questions and/or comments relating to the 2011 AGM Minutes, held January 31, 2012, at the Royal Canadian Legion. As there were none, the minutes for the 2011 AGM were approved by a motion from the floor.

      Motion: That the final minutes for the 2011 AGM be accepted as presented.

      Moved:         Carol Dillon
      Seconded:     Taro Alps
      Motion carried

    5. 2012 in review
    6. Debra Bellevue presented a comprehensive review of what was a very productive and active 2012. As in previous years, the diverse range of projects clearly demonstrates that the FoTW was able to address all main its objectives in 2012 - from active stewardship, outreach, and advocacy, through to consultations and collaborations on a number of ongoing initiatives.

      The 2012 activities were organized into four main groupings: Public Education and Awareness; Youth Events; Advocacy, Stewardship and Monitoring; and Partnerships for FoTW.

      Highlights included participation in numerous festivals, the new venue for Watershed Discovery Day, the continued strong focus for youth events including continuation of the Water Guardian Scholarship, funding and guidance for curriculum-based educational initiatives, and a new initiative - endorsement of the Polaris Institute’s successful bid to establish a water justice curriculum in area schools and serving on the steering committee for the same.

      Ongoing projects included the partnership with the CFUW, in particular water sampling of the Tay River prior to the Stewart Park Festival, continued lobbying efforts related to storm water discharge into the Tay, active involvement with the Lake Associations, and ongoing collaborations and consultations with a variety of government, municipal watershed associations, and special interest groups. Jim Graff’s assistance in liaising with the Town of Perth was acknowledged.

      In addition, FoTW was pleased to announce that it was the winner of the Tri-Valley Environmental Award for Community Organization. In terms of maintaining the organization Debra highlighted the sale of two boats and resulting revenue, and acknowledged the ongoing assistance from Colin Stephenson, member of the Advisory Board.

      The review ended with a slide show featuring images from some of the many FoTW events.

    7. Presentation of 2012 Financial Statements and 2013 Budget
    8. Debra Bellevue presented a summary of FoTW’s financial report for 2012. She noted that the audit had been completed on the 2012 financial statements and related records, and thanked John Gibb-Carsley for his continued pro bono work.

      Details of the financial presentation are contained in the PowerPoint Presentation included in the list of AGM materials shown above and attached to these Minutes.

      Colin Stephenson’s assistance in the transference of the Treasurer’s duties was acknowledged.

      Motion: That the 2013 Budget be accepted as presented, with the above noted correction.

      Moved:          Frank Roy
      Seconded:     Jim Graff
      Motion carried

    9. Opportunities for 2013
    10. Debra reviewed the events and programs already committed for 2013, and went on to present a list of ongoing opportunities, including stewardship and advocacy projects, that FoTW may wish to respond to in 2013.

      Opportunities included the upcoming Climate Change forum with the CFUW on April 14 at the Perth Legion, RBC’s Blue Water Program, Watershed Discovery Day, the Water Guardian Scholarship, continuing commitment to Polaris Institute, ongoing lobbying for treatment of storm water before discharge into the Tay, possible sale of rain barrels, a fundraising program coordinated through the RVCA foundation, and input into the Tay River subwatershed plan in cooperation with RVCA.

      Debra also noted the ongoing maintenance of the organization, including a review of the mission statement and strategic direction. Chris Stone is spearheading this initiative and welcomes all ideas and suggestions.

      Debra concluded by asking for volunteers for all 2013 projects and ongoing programs, and Frank Roy offered to take over the membership file.

    11. By-Law Amendment
    12. Chris Stone brought forward a motion to change the wording of Bylaw 22. He proposed that the last sentence of the bylaw which reads “The maximum term for a director shall be (3) full consecutive years” be removed in order to remove the limit on the length of time a director may serve. Frank Roy commented that no organization should ever find themselves in this situation and should be striving for continual turn over. Colin Stephenson suggested that there was another way to interpret the bylaw - that directors may be elected for one year terms, thus eliminating the need to change the bylaw. It was also mentioned that while the 3 year rule could be respected, there is nothing to prevent the board from over riding this.

      Since Industry Canada requires FoTW to re-write all bylaws by 2016, Taro Alps suggested the Board wait and examine Bylaw 22 as part of this overall review. Chris agreed to withdraw the proposed bylaw change with the knowledge that it would be reviewed within the context of the request from Industry Canada.

      Colin Stephenson suggested that Perth and District Community Foundation could be used as an excellent model when undertaking this work.

    13. Election of 2013 Board of Directors
    14. Debra Bellevue introduced the proposed slate of 2013 Board of Directors. Debra Bellvue was proposed as President, and Peggy Land asked about the previous model of rotating co-chairs. Debra responded that the executive had made the change to having one president.

      Motion: Pursuant to by-law 22, it was moved that the proposed slate for 2013 be accepted as presented.

      Moved:         Chris Stone
      Seconded:     Frank Roy
      Motion carried

      Motion: Pursuant to by-law 38, it was proposed that Debra Bellevue be appointed president for 2013.

      Moved:         Chris Stone
      Seconded:     Colin Stephenson
      Motion carried

      Chris noted that it was with regret that two board members were leaving this year - André Frommer and Alyson Symon. He thanked both for their work. As well, after serving for 12 years as a member of the executive, Carol Dillon has decided to step down, but will remain as a board director. Also thanks to Colin for his continued work as webmaster.

      The names of those members sitting on the advisory panel were presented.

    15. Other Business, Questions and Comments
    16. David Crowley - First Nations Claim
      David drew attention to the recent news regarding the Algonquin First nations land claims. One parcel of land included in the proposed land claims settlement is within the watershed and it consists of approximately 80 acres near Port Elmsley. At present there are a number of meetings scheduled with various communities in the area to discuss these issues. An open house and presentation will take place on March 3rd at 8 pm at the Lyons Hall, and members of the Algonquin First Nations, along with representatives from the provincial and federal governments will be present. David mentioned that it is only a proposal at this stage, and it will likely be a long process, taking years to resolve.

      Cam McLeod- Federal Legislation Changes
      Cam inquired whether FoTW belongs to a provincial organization. Chris Stone mentioned that we are part of the FOCA, and the Riverkeepers. David Crawley mentioned that Conservation Authorities, such as the RVCA, are also provincial groups. Cam’s inquiry related to an article in this week’s EMC in which Liberal members drew attention to the removal of important legislation that may have a profound impact on conservation. (supposedly due to economic reasons) Cam thought FoTW could partner with other provincial organizations and local businesses to provide a response in opposition to this move. He wondered if anyone would be willing to follow up? Carol Dillon asked if he was referring to some sort of “group advocacy”. Frank Roy clarified the issue by saying that this relates to a proposed omnibus bill and the removal of policy regulations, meaning individual ministers would have increased powers. Peggy Land commented that departments of the environment, fisheries and natural resources have been muzzled and can no longer speak freely about their findings and their science. It was noted that the Centre for Sustainable Water has a new office in Perth and that as a national organization may be a potential partner. The Centre could also contribute as a member of FoTW’s Advisory Panel. Carol said that she had written to Scott Reid on this very matter before the omnibus bill was introduced in the house. She was concerned about proposed changes to the navigable waters act and posed the question which waters does it include? His office provided her with the wrong information and Carol, due to time constraints, did not have an opportunity to follow up. Cam mentioned that he too had sent a letter to Scott Reid and the Prime Minister’s Office, but had received no answers. Cam reiterated his request to have the Board to follow up on this issue. Debra Bellevue asked if Cam could be involved and he said it depended on his personal time commitments.

      Louis Laframboise- Storm water map
      Louis asked if FoTW had a copy of the a storm water map for the Town of Perth. Chris Stone said he had one and offered to share it with him.

      Frank Roy and Jim Graff- comments re WDD
      Frank commented that if WDD was to attract more visitors then we need to create more exposure. Jim suggested having a booth at the Rideau Ferry Regatta in August, and saw this as an opportunity to advertise the upcoming WDD. The regatta takes place August 17 and 18 and large crowd are expected.


      Thank you and final notes
      Debra concluded the meeting by thanking the Board of Directors for 2012, and for the newly proposed 2013 Board of Directors.

      The next Board meeting is scheduled for March 21, from 3 to 5 pm. Location tbd. Chris Stone moved that the meeting be adjourned at 4:20.




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