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    Thursday January 28, 2010

    Dufferin Square Conference Room, Perth

    3:00 to 5:00pm




    1.         Agenda

    2.         Minutes of AGM for 2008

    3.         List of Association Activities in 2009 ~ taken from Tayside Times

    4.         Financial Statements (including 2009 Statements and Proposed 2010 Budget)
    Auditor's Report ~ received subsequent to the AGM

    5.         Board of Directors Slate for 2010

    6.         Draft Event and Project Calendar for 2010


    Copies of these documents are available on the Association website, by clicking on any item in the above list if you are on line at   and paper copies may be obtained by sending an e-mail to


    1. Welcome and Introductions


    The meeting began at 3:00 with a welcome by rotating President Carol Dillon. As 18 members were in attendance,  a quorum was in place.


    Members of the 2009 Board in attendance were introduced.  The 2009 Directors were thanked for their advice and assistance to the organization over the past year and the special projects that they had taken on.  In attendance were returning Board members  Debra Bellevue, Matt Craig, Carol Dillon, John Gittens, Shannon Goltz, Karen Hunt, Doug James, Colin Stephenson, Chris Stone, and David Taylor.  Unable to attend were Taro Alps, Annie Dalton, Gillian Scobie and Matt Craig (ex officio, RVCA).  With regret, resignations from the Board in 2009 were accepted from David Crowley, Lynn Preston and Eldwin Tysick.  David Crowley and Lynn Preston were instrumental in the founding of the Friends and their contributions have contributed in a large way to the organization's success.


    Again this year, the association eliminated paper handouts and the presentations were based on Power Point summaries.  However, a set of the documents was

     available at a display table, and paper versions offered if desired (no requests received). A complete set of the documents is posted on the website.


    2.     Approval of 2009 AGM Minutes


    The Minutes for the 2008 AGM, held on January 29, 2009, at the Dufferin Square Conference Room were reviewed briefly.  Two highlights from the 2008 AGM minutes were discussed. 


    The stepping down of David Taylor as the long term president of the organization created a void in the leadership of and steering for the FoTW.  As the presidency is a time-consuming and large responsibility, it was decided to share the presidency among the members of the Executive Committee:  Carol Dillon, Colin Stephenson and Chris Stone.  The terms are for four months on a rotating basis.


    The second item highlighted from the 2008 AGM minutes was the robust financial situation of the organization.  Of special note was the number of successful grant applications that allow for projects to proceed and bring monies into the community.  David Taylor commented on the value-added to the community by the spin-off benefits of such grants.


    As there was no further discussion, the minutes for AGM 2008 were approved by a motion from the floor.

    Motion:           That the final Minutes for the 2008 AGM, dated February 24, 2009, be             accepted  as presented.

                Moved:            Chris Stone

                Seconded:       David Taylor

                Motion passed (unanimous)


    3.     A Very Active 2009 - Review of Association Activities for 2009


    Chris Stone presented a review of the highlights of activities for 2009.  These are recorded on slides 6-13 of the Power Point presentation and in the association's newsletter for January 2010. He noted that the Friends had a very active year for all our main objectives, from active stewardship, outreach, and advocacy through to improvements to the website.


    4.     Presentation of 2009 Financial Statements and 2010 Budget


    Treasurer Colin Stephenson presented a summary of the Association’s financial report for 2009. He noted that the formal financial statements were available on the display table and on the website. He also noted that the audit had not yet been completed on the 2009 records and that, while he believed the numbers to be accurate, if there were any changes as a result of the audit the members would be notified.


    Colin noted that the Association ended the year with a healthy cash balance of  $17,703. Included in this balance, however, is more than $11,000 in dedicated funds for the completion of 3 projects: the Tay Watershed Times, The Lake Management Planning Project and the Mussel Project.


    In reviewing the Cash Flow Statement, Colin indicated that inflows were higher than anticipated in the budget, while out flows were lower than expected, due to the timing of the completion of several projects, resulting in the year-end cash balance that was more than $11,000 higher than forecast. He noted that the Association had experienced a very good year in terms of donations, including significant donations for the Little Stream Bakery, RBC Staff volunteer program and several generous individuals. As well Grants were  particularly strong last year, including grants for the Tay Watershed Times from the RBC Blue Water Fund and the  Perth and District Community Foundation; for the Tay 175th Celebration from Heritage Canada; for the Mussel Project from Shell Environmental Fund; and for Watershed Discovery Day from RVCA, the Lanark Stewardship Council and Tay Valley Township.


    Colin outlined the Proposed Budget for 2010, in which the outflows are expected to be almost $11,000 higher than inflows, as a result of the completion of projects for which we are holding cash reserves. Aside from those projects, he projected a balanced budget, assuming the Association is able to attract new grants of about $2,900 for Watershed Discovery Day, the Children’s Water Festival and two new projects.


                Motion:           That the 2010 Budget (including expenditures of  $16,453) be accepted as                                             presented.

                Moved:            Joe Slater 

                Seconded:       Debra Bellevue

                Motion passed (unanimous)


    5.     Opportunities for 2010


    Carol Dillon introduced the topic of Proposed Activities for 2010 by reviewing the role of the Tay Watershed Management Plan and its 24 recommendations.  She explained that the 24 recommendations can be grouped into four key themes: outreach and education, stewardship and advocacy, building the organization, and watershed value added.


                Outreach and Education


    Carol reviewed plans for the first theme - Outreach and Education - as one of the most potent and successful for a voluntary organization.  She said that the goal was to keep "water" and "watershed" in people's consciousness with a long term goal of encouraging stewardship behaviours for the Tay watershed.  The FoTW will use opportunities to distribute attractive and useful information aimed at the public and schools, the Town of Perth and rural areas, permanent and seasonal residents and both the private and public sectors.  The Friends will continue with successful events from the past such as Maplefest, the Children's Water Festival at Foley Mountain,  Lake Association AGM's - on request,  the Art of Being Green (if sufficient volunteers), the Stewart Park Music Festival 20th       anniversary (under discussion), Perspectives on Water series, a repeat of last year's inaugural daytime, family-oriented Watershed Discovery Day at EcoTay,  publication of a new Tay Times Tabloid with a focus on the Town of Perth and Source Water Protection and continued development and use of the FoTW website.  Thanks were expressed to webmaster Colin Stephenson for his extensive work in producing such as excellent website.


                Stewardship and Advocacy


    Christ Stone noted that we are seeking suggestions for "hands wet- hands dirty" projects. Work on monitoring ERB and other events/proposals with impact on the watershed will continue. Our relationship with Perth will continue as the Town implements projects; we will push to have the Town start a master drainage plan, consistent with their commitments in the Official Plan.


                Building the Organization


    Colin Stephenson mentioned that there is a continuing need to look after the financial position of the Association to ensure that resources are available to carry out our program. He reiterated the need to secure almost $3,000 in grants this year and noted that donations are off to a good start so far. He mentioned the recent donation of a folding display panel, which should help us display our materials more effectively at festivals. He also highlighted the need to keep our website fresh and indicated that a Facebook presence is being developed to help publicize what we do.


                Watershed Value Added

    An open discussion for the final theme of FoTW activities – value added – was led by Colin Stephenson, Chris Stone and Carol Dillon.  Carol commented that “value added” to the watershed community is one of the important, but less visible outcomes of FoTW activities.  For example, the fact that the FoTW is an incorporated, registered charity means that the Friends are often approached to lend their support to other groups seeking funding for watershed projects.  Incorporation or charitable status is often a mandatory requirement for funding sources, and smaller groups often do not have them. The recent Mussel Study is an example of this kind of value-added assistance.  In addition, the success of the FoTW and other groups in acquiring funding brings monies into the community that will be spent in the community.  David Taylor emphasized the economic value to the community of this aspect.   Through regular contributions to EBR opportunities to comment and participation in province-wide water forums such as the Water Guardian and the Ontario Environmental Network, the FoTW have built a solid reputation as a well-run, responsible and achieving organization and has brought attention to the Tay watershed.  This reputation serves well when applying for grants and attracts the attention of universities and students seeking locations for research.


    6.     Election of 2010 Board of Directors


    Carol Dillon introduced a proposed slate for the Board of Directors for 2010.  

                As there were no additional nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed.


                Motion:           That the proposed slate for 2010 be accepted as presented.

                Moved:            Chris Stone

                Seconded:       John Gittens

                Motion passed (unanimous)


                A copy of the new slate for Board of Directors is included at Appendix 5.



    The formation of an Advisory Panel to the Board for 2010 was also proposed. This panel would consist of former directors with continuing interest in the FoTW, but not as working Board members.  Panel members would agree to provide advice and expertise to the Board on an ad hoc basis.  Proposed members of the Advisory Panel for 2010 are Susan Brandum, David Crowley, Jim Humphrey, Jim Peden/ Jeff Dean, Cam MacLeod, and Bob Sneyd. 


    Motion:           That an Advisory Panel be formed as a means to retain the advice and                                     expertise of former Board members who have a continuing interest in the                           Tay watershed, but do not wish to continue as working Board members.

    Moved: David Taylor

    Seconded: Karen Hunt

    Motion passed


    1. Other Business, Questions and Comments


                Dates for quarterly Board meetings for 2010 were proposed for Wednesdays on: March 24, June 23, September 8, November 17.  Since there were some conflicts, Colin to confirm dates with Board members.


                Two items of new business were raised from the floor.


    Doug James raised the topic of the Stewart Park Music Festival which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2010 (July 16, 17, 18).  He asked if the FoTW would consider being a sponsor for the festival this year.  There was general agreement that the Friends of the Tay Watershed could form some sort of partnership as the Tay River and Stewart Park contribute largely to the success of the venue for the music festival.  Chris Stone suggested that the FoTW might engage the Paddling Puppeteer to provide environmental puppet shows for children as a contribution to the festival.  This would provide profile for the FoTW and an opportunity to sell memberships, although that would not be allowed within the park itself.  Doug Chris and Shannon will explore the idea further and the item will be placed on the agenda for the March 24th Board meeting.


    David Taylor raised the question about the dams in Perth and suggested that the FoTW should take a position on the Perth dams. David Crowley lent his expertise and explained the options being considered for the dams from doing nothing (let them disappear), to repairing them to various stages (costly option).  Concern was expressed for the state of upstream wetland areas if the dams are allowed to disappear.  The consideration of a micro hydro project and fish weirs was also discussed briefly.  David Taylor agreed to champion this project, on behalf of the Friends of the Tay Watershed, and to look into the status of the dams, studies and options.


    Opportunities for volunteers were discussed and Debra Bellevue and Shannon Goltz both said that they would like to be more involved, but felt they needed a mentor to better understand the many aspects of the watershed and the organization.


    The Board expressed thanks to several volunteers who have assisted the association

    throughout the past year- with special mention for Annie Dalton you designed the new logo, arranged for the production of FoTW T-shirts, and organized the very successful Watershed Discovery Day.


                Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.  






    Minutes: Draft 2 CD February 9, 2010





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