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    Tuesday January 29, 2008

    Dufferin Square Conference Room, Perth

    3:00 to 5:00pm



    Approved at 2008 AGM ~ January 29, 2009


    Documents displayed at meeting:

    1. ††††††† Agenda

    2.†††††††† Minutes of AGM for 2006

    3.†††††††† List of Association Activities in 2007

    4.†††††††† Auditorís Report

    5.†††††††† Financial Statements (including 2007 Statements and Proposed 2008 Budget)

    6.†††††††† List of Proposed 2008 Activities

    7.†††††††† Board of Directors Slate for 2008


    Copies of these documents are available on the Association website, by clicking on any item in the above list if you are on line, †and paper copies may be obtained by sending an e-mail to


    1.†††††††† Welcome and Introductions


    The meeting began at 3:15 with a welcome by President, David Taylor.† As seventeen members were in attendance, a quorum was in place.


    Members of the 2007 Board in attendance were introduced.† The 2007 Directors were thanked for their advice and assistance to the organization over the past year.† In attendance were: David Crowley, Annie Dalton, Chris Stone, Colin Stephenson, Karen Hunt, Barbara King, Gordon Munroe, Bob Sneyd, Joe Slater, Matt Craig, Jeff Dean (for Jim Peden), and David Taylor.† Unable to attend were: Carol Dillon, Lynn Preston, Andrea Klymko, Jim Humphrey, and Susan Brandum.

    As the association had decided to reduce the paper handouts this year, the presentations were based on Power Point summaries.† However, a full set of the documents was made available at a display table, and paper versions offered if desired (no requests received). A complete set of the documents will be posted on the website.


    2.†††††††† Approval of 2006 AGM Minutes


    The Minutes for the 2006 AGM, held on January 23, 2007, at the Perth Museum, were reviewed briefly. †As there was no discussion on this, they were approved by motion from the floor. ††


    ††††††††††† Motion: ††††††††† That the final Minutes for that AGM, dated February 5, 2007, be accepted as presented.

    ††††††††††† Moved: †††††††††† Joe Slater

    ††††††††††† Seconded: ††††† David Crowley

    ††††††††††† Motion passed (unanimous)


    3.†††††††† Review of Association Activities for 2007


    The list of activities for 2007 was presented in summary by David Taylor, who noted that, as in recent years, the activities focused on three main objectives:

    -                  Providing information and education on the watershed and water resources

    -                  Carrying out the recommendations of the Tay Watershed Management Plan

    -                  Maintaining and building the association


    Examples were presented of some of the larger activities carried out in each of the focus areas.†


    4.†††††††† Presentation of Financial Statements and Auditorís Report


    Treasurer Colin Stephenson presented a summary of the Associationís financial report for 2007, noting that the Association has a positive operating cash balance as a result of the completion of the Wee Lassie lottery, the Celebrity Auction at the Watershed Evening and donations.† He noted that the balance is expected to be slightly lower at the end of 2008, as the result of the projected net loss in the proposed 2008 operating budget.† He also noted that the rather large cash balance in the Lake Management Planning account, which is the remainder of grants received for that project, is expected to be fully spent in 2008, resulting in a net loss for the program during 2008.


    The auditorís report, prepared by John Gibbs-Carsley, noted that the accounting records and supporting documents were very complete and comprehensive, and the statements represented Ďaccurately, completely and fairly the financial state of the Friends of the Tay Watershed Association for 2007í.


    Some discussion was focused on the need to retain a portion of grants for association administration costs.† It was agreed that future applications include an allocation for this (note: in the discussion of this subject at last yearís AGM, it was suggested that the allocation be 10%).


    The Board took this opportunity to express its appreciation to John Gibb-Carsley for his considerable assistance in providing the auditorís report for the association for the past three years.†


    As Mr. Gibb-Carsley will be stepping down this year, discussions are underway to appoint a new auditor for 2008.


    ††††††††††† Motion: ††††††††† That the 2007 financial statements be accepted as presented.

    ††††††††††† Moved: †††††††††† David Crowley

    ††††††††††† Seconded: ††††† Karen Hunt

    ††††††††††† Motion passed (unanimous)


    5.†††††††† Proposed 2008 Activities and Events


    Chris Stone led a detailed review and discussion of the new activities and events that are being proposed for the Association for 2008.† The complete list of planned activities, which is posted on the association website, includes many that are delivered every year, such as participation in committees.


    Some of the new programs or activities highlighted by Chris for 2008 are: displays in several festivals; a Tay Watershed Legacy Fund; preparations for the Tay Canal 175th Anniversary in 2009; participation in the Watershed Festival and in Historica; and a watershed stakeholder meeting.


    6.†††††††† Proposed Budget for 2008


    Colin Stephenson presented a proposed budget for 2008, based on the activity program outlined earlier by Chris Stone.† The budget includes a higher than average Education allocation to cover the proposed activity program. It projects a substantial net loss for the year, mainly as the result of the conclusion of the Lake Management Planning program, using grants received in prior years and, to a much lesser extent, as the result of the Education budget financed by prior yearís fund raisers.


    ††††††††††† Motion:†††††††††† That the 2008 budget be accepted as presented.

    ††††††††††† Moved:††††††††††† Bob Sneyd

    ††††††††††† Seconded:†††††† Annie Dalton

    ††††††††††† Motion passed (unanimous)


    7.†††††††† Election of 2008 Board of Directors and President


    David Crowley introduced a proposed slate for the Board of Directors for 2008.† †All of the 2007 Board members have agreed to continue and, in addition, a new member, Doug James of Perth was proposed,


    ††††††††††† As there were no additional nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed.


    ††††††††††† Motion:†††††††††† That the proposed slate for 2008 be accepted as presented.

    ††††††††††† Moved:††††††††††† David Crowley

    ††††††††††† Seconded:†††††† Jeff Dean

    ††††††††††† Motion passed (unanimous)


    ††††††††††† David Crowley also opened the floor to nominations for President, proposing the

    ††††††††††† current President, David Taylor.†


    ††††††††††† As there were no other names, nominations were closed.


    ††††††††††† Motion:†††††††††† That David Taylor be elected President

    ††††††††††† Moved:††††††††††† Gordon Munroe

    ††††††††††† Seconded:†††††† Karen Hunt

    ††††††††††† Motion passed (unanimous)


    8.†††††††† Selected Watershed Issues

    ††††††††††† Matt Craig, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, explained and led a discussion

    ††††††††††† on the planned arterial road for Perth, the current location of which would be on the east

    ††††††††††† side, between Perthmore Glen and the Perth Long Swamp.† Matt outlined the

    ††††††††††† environmental issues involved with this site and the mitigation measures that the RVCA

    ††††††††††† and MNR are proposing to reduce impact on this Provincially Significant Wetland,

    ††††††††††† including, amongst others, ensuring (and improving) the natural hydrologic flow of the

    ††††††††††† area and installing of adequate buffers.† The FoTW will be submitting several proposed †††††††

    ††††††††††† measures along these and several other related lines to the project consultants.


    ††††††††††† Mat Craig then provided an interesting review of his recent activity in the planning sector,

    including some details on the applications received and Provincial permits granted, and the types and geographic spread of the activity.†


    ††††††††††† The foregoing type of presentation on a specific local issue is a slight innovation for the

    ††††††††††† AGM, and, given the interest shown, could be considered for future sessions. †


    9.†††††† Thanks to Volunteers

    ††††††††††† The Board expressed thanks to several volunteers who have assisted the association

    Often throughout the past year.† In particular, the Board again noted the contribution of: Helen Park, who organises the mailings; Mel Dillon, Frank Roy, and Kevin Bowes for

    assistance at many of our projects, Ruth Craig for housing the St. Lawrence skiff; and

    Store & Lock on Scotch Line for providing safe keeping for our Wee lassie last year.


    10.†††††† As the AGM agenda was completed, a Motion for adjournment was made, at 5:00 pm.

    ††††††††††† Moved:††††††††††† Bob Sneyd

    ††††††††††† Seconded:†††††† David Crowley

    ††††††††††† Motion passed (unanimous)



    Minutes: February 4, 2008




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