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Tuesday January 23, 2007

Perth Museum, 11 Gore Street E., Perth

3:00 to 5:00pm





Attachments: A to H were Handouts at the Meeting


A         Agenda

B         Minutes of last AGM - 2005 (Click here to view)

C         List of Association Activities Carried out in 2006 (Click here to view)

D         Auditor’s Report + Financials - 5 pages

E         List of Proposed 2007 Activities and Events (Click here to view ~ PDF document)

F          Proposed Amendments to Association By-Laws

G         Board of Directors Slate for 2007

H         List of Supporting Organizations for 2006

I           Report on Clean Water Act - Speaking notes


1.         Welcome and Introductions


The  meeting began at 3:15 with a welcome by the FoTW chairs, David Taylor and Carol Dillon. 

Nineteen members were in attendance, confirming a quorum to proceed.


Members of the 2006 Board in attendance were introduced and all of the 2006 Directors were thanked for their contributions to the organization and watershed in the past year (in attendance: David Crowley, Chris Stone, Carol Dillon, Colin Stephenson, Karen Hunt, Orion Clark, Bob Sneyd, Joe Slater, David Taylor).


2.         Approval of 2005 AGM Minutes


The Minutes for the 2005 AGM, held on November 22, 2005, were presented.  [Note: Future AGMs will be held in the first quarter of the following year, thus the present AGM covers the year 2006]. 


            Motion:           That the Minutes dated November 22, 2005 be accepted as presented.

            Moved:            Karen Hunt

            Seconded:       David Crowley

            Motion passed


3.         Review of Association Activities Carried out in 2006


The list of activities for 2006 refers.  Carol Dillon reviewed the list of activities noting that the FoTW activities are guided by the Tay Watershed Management Plan.  What can be done is limited by volunteer and financial resources.  Four areas were highlighted for special mention:

                        -           Completion and publication of the Tay Watershed Times tabloid;

                        -           The number of workshops organized and/or sponsored by the FoTW or attended by Board members for professional development;

            -           Lake Management Plans - a continuing successful initiative boosted by a number of successful financial grants in 2006; and

                        -           Association changes for smoother operation such as review of and changes to by-laws, separation of Open House and AGM, and adoption of a policy on Climate Change to reflect current public interest in this topic.


4.         Presentation of Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report


Five-page financials handout refers.  Colin Stephenson presented the financial report and auditor’s letter.


            Motion:           That the financial statements be accepted as presented.

            Moved:            John Miller

            Seconded:       Bob Sneyd

            Motion passed.


5.         Proposed 2007 Activities and Events


Attachment E refers.  Chris Stone led a detailed review and discussion of proposed activities for the Association for 2007.  He described the list as an “ambitious wish list” from which the Board would select activities over the year that can be delivered within available staffing and financial resources.

            The discussion touched on the following points:

            -           The Lake Management Planning (LMP) Program aims to complete three lake plans over the three year program in addition to introducing local area lakes to LMP information.  Otty Lake and Pike Lake have been selected as the first two of these lakes to receive targeted assistance. 

            -           One goal in 2007 is to create more newsletters.

            -           Matt Craig mentioned the pristine Tay River between Christie Lake and Glen Tay and urged more promotion of canoeing on this stretch

            -           Chris Stone suggested the need to bring the climate change dialogue “home” - what does it mean for this area?

            -           It was noted that the availability of a sufficient number of volunteers is the main factor limiting the delivery of all the activities on the ‘wish list’.   Bob Sneyd suggested cooperating with other partner organisations to expand the volunteer base – which, it was agreed, is a good objective. 


6.         Proposed Budget for 2007


Colin presented the proposed budget for 2007.  Because the fund-raising lottery has been successful and the Association is in a stronger financial position than in past years, Colin recommended that some money be kept in reserve for 2008.  Susan Brandum introduced a discussion on what portion of grants can be used for FoTW administration costs.  She suggested that 10% is a normal amount and suggested that future grant applications build in an administration fee to help offset expenses. Colin was thanked for his fine work as treasurer in the past year.


            Motion:           That the budget be accepted as presented.

            Moved:            David Crowley

            Seconded:       Joe Slater

            Motion passed.


7.         Amendments to Association By-Laws


Attachment F refers.  Colin Stephenson presented the by-law amendments and reasons for them.


            Motion:           That the amendments be accepted as presented.

            Moved:            David Crowley

            Seconded:       Karen Hunt

            Motion passed unanimously.


8.         Election of 2007 Board of Directors and Appointment of Auditor


Attachment G refers.  David Crowley introduced the slate for 2007.  Discussion noted that the Board will still be seeking additional representation from the upper end of the watershed.  The Frontenac Environment Partnership was suggested as a possible source for an upper lake member.  David Taylor, co-chair, took the opportunity to thank those members of the 2006 Board who have retired from the Board: Orion Clark, Aileen Merriam, and Sarah Rosolen, and Carol Dillon who has stepped down as a co-chair this year. 


            Motion:           That the slate for 2007 be accepted as presented.

            Moved:            John Miller

            Seconded:       Bob McGill

            Motion passed.



            Motion:           That John Gibb-Carsley be appointed as auditor for the FoTW for 2007.

            Moved:            David Crowley

            Seconded:       Susan Brandum

            Motion passed.


9.         Report of Clean Water


Carol Dillon provided a report on the status of the Clean Water Act and what it means for the Tay Watershed.  Speaking notes are attached as Attachment I.


10.       Motion:           That the meeting be adjourned at 5:00 pm.

            Moved:            Karen Hunt

            Seconded:       Barbara King.

            Motion passed.




Final minutes: January 26, 2007




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