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Tuesday November 22, 2005
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
35 Beckwith St, Perth

Meeting program at Appendix I-A


    The title for this year’s AGM was "Tay Watershed Discovery Evening 2005". This year, a heritage theme was added to the usual water resources theme and watershed heritage was saluted in several ways. The 16-foot long St Lawrence rowing skiff, donated to the FoTW last spring by Nancy Kenyon was displayed along with its oars and stories of how such boats were used for rum running on the St Lawrence River during prohibition. Long-time Tay resident Jack Walker, the boat’s builder, attended and was able to relate more stories about boat building on the Tay. In keeping with the heritage theme, Susan Code, Perth historian, gave a presentation about Tales from the Tay (See section 3.) and the Lanark Camera Club presented photographs of mills on the Tay. The added theme proved to be very popular with attendees.

1.Exhibits and Refreshments

    Attendance was estimated at approximately 125 people. Thirty-four memberships were sold ($280.00).

        Individual   15 X $5 =  $ 75.00 
        Family       18 X $10 = $180.00
        Organization 1 X $25 = $ 25.00
        Total                            $280.00

    The public meeting began at 7:00 pm with refreshments and an environmental exhibition of 27 exhibits from various community organizations. The time allotted for the exhibition remained at one hour to allow for adequate meet and greet, networking and viewing the exhibits. The increased number of displays and the size of some displays made the exhibit area crowded and should be reviewed for next year. The exhibits are listed in Appendix I-B.

The Open House was followed by a Public Meeting including a brief Annual General meeting.

2. Welcome and Introduction

    The formal part of the meeting began at 8:00 pm with a welcome by the FoTW chairs, David Taylor and Carol Dillon.

    Public "thank you’s" were expressed to the AGM organizing committee (David Taylor, David Crowley, Orion Clark, Colin Stephenson, Chris Stone, Marilyn Devolin, Carol Dillon); exhibitors (See list at Appendix I-B); to Janet Taylor for refreshments; to Nancy Kenyon for donating the skiff; and to the Lanark Camera Club for photographing the mill heritage.

3. Feature Presentations

    Three short talks were presented; the first two were about water resources in the watershed.

    Brian Stratton, Source Water Protection project manager for Rideau Valley Conservation Authority spoke about Ontario’s Source Water Protection legislation and what it means for the Tay watershed.

    Sheanna Tinlin, program manger with Rideau Valley Conservation Authority spoke about the Tay Region Lake Management Planning Program.

    The third presentation was given by Perth historian Susan Code who spoke about "Fascinating Stories of the Watershed". Her tales of the Tay included stories of pirates, traitors, duels and corruption.

    Questions from the floor engaged the speakers in lively dialogues.

4. Annual Environmental Awards

    Colin Stephenson introduced the 2005 awards portion of the program. This is the fourth year of the awards. The FoTW initiated the custom of recognizing service to the environment to provide public recognition for good works on behalf of the environment. Three awards are offered each year for:

    • contribution to the Tay Watershed;
    • contribution to the general environment; and
    • contribution to water resources at the provincial, national or international level.

    The first award – for contribution to the Tay watershed -- was awarded to Karen Hunt by Board member Orion Clark. Karen was recognized for her work in the Otty Lake sub-watershed and, more broadly, the Tay watershed, by initiating and carrying forward lake planning at her lake and subsequently bringing together other lake groups in the area for networking and information exchange on lake planning.

    The second award, for contribution to the general environment was presented to TayValley Township by Board member Chris Stone for leadership in protecting the environment and the water resources in our community. Elected representatives and staff were recognized for implementing significant measures that will have a positive impact on the water and environmental resources in the Township for generations to come. Included in these measures are flexible but "net environmental gain" water setback regulations, a septic re-inspection program, shoreline stewardship education and improved waste management operations. The Township is also a partner (with Friends of the Tay Watershed, Otty Lake Association, RVCA and Lanark Stewardship Council) in successfully obtaining a Trillium Foundation grant for the lake planning process.

    The third award –for contribution to water resources at the provincial, national or international level – recognizes that the stewardship we provide for the Tay watershed is done within a larger context. The award was introduced by FoTW Board member Carol Dillon. The recipient for 2005 was the Canadian Environmental Law Association. CELA, with its staff of lawyers, helps individuals and communities to better understand and use environmental laws. CELA answers general questions about the law, provides legal services, and maintains a website with over 1000 pertinent publications. CELA also provides an extensive program in areas of law reform and public legal education. As a result, individuals and organizations can participate better in legal matters especially matters of needed reform. The Friends of the Tay Watershed award recognizes CELA’s contribution in fostering and enabling grassroots participation in environmental decision making. CELA’s award was presented with permission, but in absentia.

5. Door Prize Draw and Corporate Support

    The evening ended with a draw for five door prizes and Board member Marilyn Devolin conducted the draws. The prizes were generously donated by Canadian Tire (Perth); Home Hardware (Perth); Foodgifts of Westport; Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow in Kingston, and Service Plus (Perth). Other corporate sponsors included Mexicali Rosa’s restaurant in Perth for offering a discount on dinner for participants in the evening – and Ralph Buttrum of Perth Digital Imaging for providing photographs of the event (which have been linked to the FoTW web site).

A brief Annual General Meeting closed the evening (Minutes in following section).


Tuesday November 22, 2005
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
35 Beckwith St, Perth



As a quorum was present the Co-Presidents opened the meeting at 9:10 pm.

1. Approval of Minutes from last AGM (November 23, 2004

    The Minutes for the 2004 AGM were approved and accepted.
    Moved by Karen Hunt
    Seconded by David Crowley

2. Financial Report for 2005

    As the association financial year concludes at the end of December, an interim financial report is presented at the AGM. This interim report as at November 1, 2005, was presented by treasurer Colin Stephenson.
    Financial report approved and accepted. (Appendix II-A)
    Moved by Chris Stone

3. Review of 2005 Activities - Events/Accomplishments

    A list of the association’s activities, events and accomplishments for the year 2005 to date was presented. They are listed at Appendix II-B.

4. Proposed priorities and activities for 2006 (FoTW)

    A draft list of the association’s proposed activities and focus of effort for the coming year, 2006, was presented by the outgoing Board. Additional input was solicited from the membership. This list will be finalized in January 2006 at the Board’s first meeting for 2006. Proposed activities for 2006 are listed in Appendix II-C.

5. Proposed slate for 2006

    The proposed slate of Board of Directors for 2006 was presented by David Crowley. David Taylor noted that Board member Cam MacLeod has withdrawn for health reasons. Cam had been a Board member since the beginning of the association and David Taylor thanked him for his many years of service and valuable input and service.
    The new slate is listed at Appendix II-D.

    In its first meeting of the New Year – tentatively scheduled for the last half of February – the Directors will be undertaking a structural review of the Board. Nominations for new Directors should be sent to the Board before that time. Volunteers are also welcomed.

    The slate was approved and accepted as presented.
    Moved by Mrs Diana Nutall
    Seconded by John Miller

6. The meeting adjourned at 9:30.

    Moved by Jim Humphrey
    Seconded by David Crowley


    Part I:

    Appendix I-A

    Program - Public Meeting and Annual general Meeting 2005 (combined)
    Appendix I-B List of Exhibiting Organisations
    Appendix I-C List and description of door prizes
    PART II:
    Appendix II-A FoTW Financial Report for 2005
    Appendix II-B List of FoTW Activities for 2005
    Appendix II-C

    FoTW Proposed Activities and Priorities for 2006
    Appendix II-D

    Proposed Slate for FoTW Board of Directors for 2006.
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