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2004 Annual General Meeting
of Friends of the Tay Watershed

Tuesday November 23, 2004, Royal Canadian Legion Hall



1. Exhibits and Refreshments

Once again, the public meeting was followed by a brief Annual General meeting.

Attendance was estimated at approximately 100 people. Thirty-three memberships were sold ($290.00).

The public meeting began at 7:00 pm with refreshments and an environmental exhibition of 18 exhibits from various community organizations. The time for the exhibition was extended to one hour this year to allow more time for meet and greet, networking and viewing the exhibits. The increased number of displays and the size of some displays made the exhibit area crowded and should be reviewed for next year. See the exhibitor list on the margin.

2. Welcome and Introduction

The formal part of the meeting began at 8:00 pm with a welcome by the FoTW chairs, David Taylor and Carol Dillon.

3. Presentation of Watershed Maps to Schools

As part of the FoTW education objective, the "maps for schools" initiative was continued this year with the presentation of four more maps. This project was organized by Carol Dillon, with maps prepared by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) and framing provided from FoTW funds. A list of the schools receiving maps this year is attached as Appendix I-C.

A watershed map was presented to The Berkana School in Perth and accepted by teacher/principal Cindy Goodfellow. This presentation completes the watershed map project and all 13 schools within the watershed have now been presented with watershed maps.

New geology maps showing mineral occurrences within the watershed were presented to two schools and the Perth Museum. Orion Clark spearheaded the geology map project with maps printed free-of-charge by Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and framed by the FoTW. A detailed report about the geology and mineral deposits in the Tay watershed was prepared by Perth geologist Donald Sherwin and a copy was presented with each map.

Marjorie Nasmith, Chair of the Perth Museum Board of Management, accepted a map on behalf of the Perth Museum and Marilyn Robinson, teacher, accepted on behalf of Perth DCI. A geology map was also prepared for St John Catholic High School and was delivered to the school.

4. Feature Presentations

The theme for this year’s presentations was "information" and three presenters spoke about watershed information systems (WIS).

Dell Hallett, General Manager of Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, spoke about the role of the conservation authority and its new "WIS" data bank. He illustrated the kind of information on the system and how to access it.

Jim Peden and Art Dunham from CGIS Spacial Solutions in Perth demonstrated a community information management system called "CEP - Community Environmental Partnership" and how municipal information can be integrated with lake information for better planning and management.

Sarah Rosolen from CSW (Centre for Sustainable Watersheds) spoke about their new system which integrates environmental information province-wide and should be up and running by January.

Christopher Stone, FoTW Board member, then illustrated how access to such information enables analysis. Chris presented a summary of a review he has carried out of existing RVCA and MNR data on three water quality indicators recorded in 13 locations on the Tay River and Grants, Rudsdale and Jebbs Creeks. The charts, which were developed by RVCA, indicate trends in intensity along the watershed from Bolingbroke Dam to Port Elmsley and several "hot spots" that require further study and/or clean up.

5. Annual Environmental Awards

· The FoTW association presented its annual environmental awards for the year 2004. This is the third year of the awards. The FoTW initiated the custom of recognizing service to the environment to provide public recognition for good works on behalf of the environment. Three awards are offered each year for:

· Contribution to water resources at the provincial, national or international level;

· Contribution to the Tay Watershed; and

· Contribution to the general environment.

The first award –for contribution to water resources at the provincial, national or international level – recognizes that the stewardship we provide for the Tay watershed is done within a larger context. The award was introduced by carol Dillon. The recipient for 2004 was The Honourable Leona Dombrowsky, Minister of the Environment and MPP for the upper Tay watershed. The reasons for making this award to the Minister is to draw attention to her leadership in all aspects of good water management and for her role in ensuring that water resources receive the attention they deserve. The Minister’s award was presented with permission, but in absentia.

The second award – for contribution to the Tay watershed was awarded to the Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association for its major contribution to preserving and enhancing the quality of the environment in the Tay Watershed. The award was presented by Cameron MacLeod, on behalf of the Friends and accepted by Susan O’Brien MacTaggart, President of the GB&CLA.

The list of this 300-member association’s achievements is long, and includes, amongst other activities, water quality testing, Shoreline Living Workshops, rehabilitation of fish spawning areas, cooperation in the management of the Bolingbroke Dam, development of the Meisel Woods conservation area, and lake management planning workshops.

The Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes Association has also just accomplished an outstanding achievement by receiving a Trillium Grant of $71,500 to develop a lake management plan during the next two years. The FoTW award recognizes the leadership and the contribution of the GB&CLA to the Tay Watershed, and to the community.

In addition, the Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes Association has just accomplished an outstanding achievement by receiving a Trillium Grant of $71,500 to develop a lake management plan during the next two years. The FoTW award recognizes the leadership and the contribution of the GB&CLA to the Tay Watershed, and to the community.

The third award, for contribution to the general environment was presented by Board member Joe Slater of Crow Lake to the two stewardship councils in the watershed: the Frontenac Stewardship Council and the Lanark Stewardship Council. Accepting on behalf of the stewardship councils were David Crowley, Jeff Ward, Bret Colman, Gray Merriam, and Melodie Green. These organizations have organized a wide range of projects of significant benefit to the watershed environment, including the Envirothon, fish habitat enhancement, school programs, the development of educational videos and workshops on bears. They have also supported the founding of new environmental organizations such as the Frontenac Environmental Partnership and the Friends of the Tay Watershed. The Frontenac Stewardship Council was also recognized for its revitalization under the leadership of Daphne Hand.

6. Question and Comments

No questions from the floor.

7. Door Prize Draw

The evening ended with a draw for five door prizes generously donated by Canadian Tire (Perth); Home Hardware (Perth); Alternative Energy (Perth); Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow and Service Plus (Perth). A brief Annual General meeting closed the evening..

8. The public meeting was closed at 9:10 pm.


1. Approval of Minutes from last AGM (December 1, 2003)

The Annual General Meeting for 2004 was opened at 9:15pm.

The Minutes for the 2003 AGM were approved and accepted.

Moved by Karen Hunt

Seconded by David Crowley

2. Financial Report for 2003

As the association financial year concludes at the end of December, an interim financial report is presented at the AGM. This interim report as at October 31, 2004, was presented by treasurer Orion Clark, based on a report prepared by the association’s accountant, Jan Forsyth.

Financial report approved and accepted. (as an Appendix to the official Minutes)

Moved by Jim Peden

Seconded by John Miller

3. Review of 2004 Activities - Events/Accomplishments

A list of the association’s activities, events and accomplishments for the year 2004 to date was presented. See item in margin.

4. Proposed priorities and activities for 2005 (FoTW)

A draft list of the association’s proposed activities and focus of effort for the coming year,

2005, was presented by the outgoing Board. Additional input was solicited from the membership. This list will be finalized in January 2005 at the Board’s first meeting for 2005. Chair David Taylor gave several examples of activities being considered for 2005. See "2005 Activities" in margin.

5. Proposed slate for 2004

The proposed slate of Board of Directors for 2005 was presented. Three 2004 Board members have withdrawn: Frank Roy, Cathy Hamlen, and Wayne Conboy. We thank them for their considerable contributions to the Board.

See item in margin.

No new nominations from the floor were suggested. The slate was approved and accepted as presented.

Moved by Alfred Von Mirbach

Seconded by Nancy Kenyon

6. The meeting adjourned at 9:30.

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