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2003 Annual General Meeting
of Friends of the Tay Watershed

Part I:  Public Meeting

1.   Exhibits and Refreshments
The Annual General Meeting was combined with a Public Meeting.  The Public Meeting began at 7:00 pm with refreshments and exhibits.  From the enthusiasm shown for the displays last year, the time for touring the exhibits was extended to 45 minutes and the number of exhibiting organisations increased to 12.  This allowed more time for meet and greet in a season when opportunities for contact are generally less.  Over 100 people were in attendance.  An excellent response was received for new and renewed memberships and for volunteers for Friends of the Tay Watershed activities.

2.   Welcome and Introduction of Special Guests
The formal part of the meeting began at 7:50 pm.

3.   Presentation of Watershed Maps to Schools
A special initiative of the FoTW this year was the development and production of watershed maps for the 12 schools within the watershed.  This project was organized by Carol Dillon, with maps prepared by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) and funding provided by the Rideau Valley Rural Clean Water Program.  This is part of the community outreach and education objective of the Tay Watershed Management Plan.
Representatives from 8 schools attended the meeting for a formal presentation of the maps.  John Miller, Chair of the RVCA and a resident of the watershed, presented the maps to the school reps.

4.   Feature Presentation
Dell Hallett, General Manager of RVCA, made a presentation on the recently completed Lanark-Renfrew Groundwater Study.  His presentation of the highlights of the report served to reassure people about the present state of the groundwater and the potential sources of vulnerability.  Current watershed activities and programs are listed in Watershed Information (left hand side navigation bar).

5.   Presentation
Carol Dillon spoke about three important new pieces of legislation and what they mean for the Tay River watershed.  This presentation was also a great success, indicating an interest and need in the community for factual and user-friendly information on the state of our water resources.

6.   Annual Environmental Awards
FoTW presented its annual watershed and environmental awards for the second year.
This year the award for Contribution to the Watershed was presented by Orion Clark to Greg Anderson, a teacher at Perth and District Collegiate Institute, for his work with Envirothon and the success of the Perth team in these competitions.  Greg Anderson was also selected for his work in providing free canoe lessons in the Tay Basin, Perth, in the summer of 2003.
The award for Support to the Watershed was presented by Chris Stone to Mike Mosher, former mayor of the Tay Valley Township.  Ten years ago, Mike Mosher chaired the Perth strategic plan committee that recommended the development of a watershed management plan.  For three years, Mr. Mosher served as the co-chair of the fledgling Tay Watershed Roundtable until he retired to become mayor of the Tay Valley Township.  As mayor, Mr. Mosher continued to support the objectives of the FoTW through support to municipal legislation and initiatives, including a septic reinspection program in the township and a property standards by-law, aimed at (amongst other problems) groundwater protection.
The third award for General Contribution to the Environment, will be presented early in 2004.

7.   The public meeting was closed at 8:55 pm.

Part II:  FoTW Annual General Meeting

1.   Approval of Minutes from last AGM
The Annual General Meeting for 2003 was opened at 8:55 pm.
Minutes for the 2002 AGM (November 13, 2002) were approved and accepted.
Moved by David Crowley, seconded by Orion Clark.

2.   Financial Report for 2003
As the Association's financial year concludes at the end of December, an interim financial report was presented at the AGM.  This interim report to the end of November, 2003, was presented by treasurer Orion Clark, based on a report prepared by the Association's accountant, Jan Forsyth.
The financial report was approved and accepted.
Moved by Chris Stone, seconded by Alfred von Mirbach.

3.   Review of 2002/2003 Activities
A list of FoTW's activities, events, and accomplishments for the 2003 year, to date, was presented by the co-Presidents, Carol Dillon and David Taylor.
A link to FoTW 2003 activities is available from the left hand side navigation bar.

4.   Proposed Priorities and Activities for 2004
A draft list of FoTW's proposed activities and focus of effort for the coming year was presented by the outgoing Board of Directors.  Additional input was solicited from the membership.  This list will be finalized in January 2004 at the Board's first meeting, and will be posted on this website.

5.   Proposed Slate for 2004
The proposed slate of Board of Directors for 2004 was presented by Don Boyle.  A link to the 2004 Board of Directors is available from the left hand side navigation bar.
Moved by Don Boyle, seconded by John Miller.

6.   Meeting ajourned at 9:20
Moved by Susan Brandum, seconded by Orion Clark.

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