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Report on the 2002 Annual General Meeting
of Friends of the Tay Watershed

The 2002 Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Tay Watershed was held on November 13, 2002, at the Perth Public Library.  Approximately 65 people attended.  The meeting began at 7:00 pm with a "meet and greet" so that those attending could enjoy refreshments and view a variety of related environmental displays.

The following tables and displays were featured:

       Entrance Table - staffed by Barbara Erb, Janet Taylor, and Cathy Hamlen

       Membership Table - staffed by Orion Clark (24 memberships signed, $225 in revenue collected)

       Literature and Comments Table - staffed by Cam MacLeod and David Crowley
              (Included copies of the Tay Watershed Management Plan and
              Watershed and Environmental Comments by guests)

       Rideau Valley Conservation Authority Table - staffed by RVCA personnel

       REAL/LL Green Table - staffed by Susan Brandum

       Water Permit Display - staffed by Don Boyle, Frank Roy, and Carol Dillon

       Lanark County Stewardship Council Table - staffed by Jeff Ward

       EcoPerth Table - staffed by Alfred von Mirbach

Special presentations on ongoing activities in the watershed were made by the following people:
       Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
               - Matt Craig (Environmental Planner) spoke about planning and shoreline work
               - Bruce Reid (Water Co-ordinator) spoke about the multi-year
                     Tay Watershed Plan and the Clean Rural Water Program
               - Lynn Preston (Watershed Planner) spoke about Watershed Watch.

A panel moderated by Cam MacLeod addressed the importance and development of sub-watershed plans.  Joe Slater (Bobs and Crow Lakes Association) spoke about their three-to-five year lake management project.  They have hired a student from Carleton University to design a survey to be used with 1200 residents next summer to determine their vision for the lakes.  Reg Genge, an independent expert on lake assessments, spoke about his study for the Perth Utility Commission (waterworks) on the water source - the Tay River between the municipal intake and Christie Lake.  Reg also spoke about his work in developing a lake management plan for Charleston Lake.  Bob Sneyd spoke on the role that the Lake Links Program and the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds could play in developing lake management plans.

Cam MacLeod reviewed progress towards developing the concept of a Discovery Centre, which would be an important centre of information and focus for the renewed Perth Tay Basin.  A site location in the Tay Basin has been approved by the Town of Perth and funds have been requested through the Provincial OSTAR Development program.  An attractive log building is being sought for the multi-function watershed information centre.  The "off-site information" system would provide a publically available data base system for the watershed, with links to other organizations.

As the meeting was running considerably over time, Kevin Esseltine reported briefly on the fisheries study carried in Christie Lake in spring 2002.  He will be holding an information night in Perth in February to discuss this in more detail.

Because of the large number of often similar programs operating in the watershed, it is the Board's intention to produce a list of these as a guide available for landowners.  This list is being developed for circulation at a later date.

A short business meeting followed which reviewed the Association's activities in 2002, discussed plans and priorities for 2003, and appointed a new slate of officers for the Board of Directors. 

Board of Directors - 2003

We are pleased to introduce the Friends of the Tay Watershed Board of Directors for 2003.  We will continue in our goal to have all areas of the watershed represented on the Board of Directors.  The Board meets four times a year and had its first meeting January 14, 2003.

  • Don Boyle (Pike Lake)
  • Susan Brandum (REAL LL Green; Port Elmsley)
  • Sulyn Cedar (Lanark Citizens Group)
  • Orion Clark (Christie Lake)
  • Wayne Conboy (Agricultural community)
  • David Crowley (RVCA, Town of Perth)
  • Marilyn Devolin (Town of Perth, Tay River)
  • Carol Dillon (Glen Tay, Tay River)
  • Barbara Erb (Glen Tay, Tay River)
  • Cathy Hamlen (Town of Perth)
  • Martin Hiltz (Farren Lake)
  • Jim Humphrey (Little Silver Lake)
  • Cameron MacLeod (Town of Perth, Long Lake)
  • Joe Slater (Greater Bobs and Crow Lake Association)
  • Robert Sneyd (Centre for Sustainable Watersheds)
  • Christopher Stone (DeWitt's Corners, Tay River)
  • David Taylor (Glen Tay, Tay River)
The meeting adjourned at 10:10 pm.




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