FoTW Bulletin Board

Wetland Kits for Schools
September 22, 2018

As a response to increasing extreme weather events in our community and beyond, The Friends of the Tay Watershed have chosen "wetlands" for our focus this year. The value of wetlands in offsetting the effects of extreme weather events, such as flooding and drought, makes them an ideal and timely subject for study, understanding, and building appreciation.

As part of this focus, the Friends have presented wetlands resource kits to elementary schools in the Tay watershed. These kits contain a CD from Conservation Ontario, and a number of pamphlets, booklets and reports that explain the function, value, and protection of wetlands. We hope these kits will encourage and support the study of wetlands, and their value to the overall health of the watershed.

Schools or others wishing to obtain more information on wetlands could contact the following: