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How to Determine if You Have
the Mineral Rights to Your Property

In Ontario, property owners can easily confirm whether they own the mineral rights to their property. The Ministry Northen Development and Mines provides a searchable map on the Internet at the following address:

At this web page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Yes' to accept the disclaimer. When the map of Ontario comes up, click on ‘Southern Ontario’ - and then just click on the area in which you are interested – until the map zooms to the area of your property.

It might take more than one try to focus on your exact location, as there are not many prominent points to use as locators on the map.

A solid black circle on your property indicates that you own the mineral rights; a half circle means that the Crown or a third party owns them.

A title search at the land registry will also confirm separation of mining and surface rights. This map also provides other details, such as old mine sites and trails.

Further information on the issues related to the Ontario Mining Act may be obtained at:

To contact local mining rights volunteer group: