Draft Event and Project Calendar 2010
Month Date Event  Coordinator
2009 2010
Jan 1 Polar Plunge David  Chris
28 AGM David  Colin
Feb ? Perspective on Water Lecture? Carol All **
Mar 4* OMYA Public Meeting na All ***
12* Algonquin Sustainability Fair Colin Debra
25* Board Meeting Colin Carol
31* Stakeholders' Implementation Meeting Carol (2008) Carol
April 22* Historica Carol Debra/Gill 
24 Maplefest Jim Jim
May  ? Hands-on project like the Last Duel Park demonstration project or mussel project? Chris Chris
? Canoe trip / shoreline clean-up David  Chris/Debra
June 24* Board Meeting Chris TBD
July 16-18 Stewart Park Festival -20th Anniversary na Shannon
23-25 Art of Being Green Festival Colin Colin
Aug ? Tay 175th Legacy Project? David  TBD
? Lake Association AGM's Jim TBD
Sept 9* Board Meeting Colin TBD
? Children's Water Festival Carol/Karen Carol
19 Watershed Discovery Day at EcoTay Annie Annie
Oct 23* Lake Links Booth Orion Clark Shannon
Nov 18* Board Meeting Colin TBD
? Perspective on Water Lecture? Carol All **
Notes: * Dates tentative
** All Board members to be on the lookout for potential Speakers
*** As many Board members as possible to attend OMYA meeting to demonstrate interest
Ongoing Initiatives With No Specific Dates
Numerous Source Water Protection Committee Meetings throughout the year Carol Carol
Tabloid completion and launch Carol/Chris/ Gill Carol/Chris/Gill
EBR Postings and Responses Carol TBD
Requests for information from students and        others Colin Colin
Fund raising as required Colin Debra
Perth's infrastructure projects Chris Chris
Other "Celebrate the Tay" initiatives ? Debra