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Association Activities
Carried Out In 2006

Specific Month-by-month Activities


Commenced writing of watershed ‘Tabloid’

Participated in Water Guardians of Ontario conference calls.on Source Water Protection

Water Temperature Monitoring Workshop attended by several FoTW Board members



FoTW first Board Meeting for 2006

Attended public meeting regarding OMYA's reporting of water taking from the Tay River.

Letter to MOE encouraging the inclusion of OMYA's water data to be included in Environment Canada's

               HYDAT syatem



Production of watershed ‘Tabloid’ continued



Promoted annual ‘Pitch-In Week’ to local organizations (April 24-30)

Held Tay Watershed Management Plan 4th Implementation Meeting with 43 stakeholders, April 21

Presentation of watershed geology maps to two high schools and Perth museum

Presented display and information booth at Maplefest

Wee Lassie Canoe-kayak donated to FoTW by local resident, at Maplefest.

Presentation on Climate Change by Paul Eggington – co-sponsored with RVFN, April 2

Lake Management Planning Program continues 

Organised Workshop on Land Use Planning 101 – co-sponsored with Ontario Nature, April 1

Commenced planting of Shoreline Demonstration Site, Tay Valley Township Office site



Talk on watersheds presented at Museum of Nature, Ottawa for Wildlife Festival.

Sponsored student with RVCA to conduct studies in the Tay watershed on Aquatic Habitat and Water

               Quality Monitoring Work

Wetland-shoreline demonstration site developed in cooperation with TVT and Ecoscapes.

Board member attended Clean Water Act workshop put on by Ontario Rural Council

Meeting with RVCA to discuss proposal to rebuild Haggart Dam in Perth

Turtle signs erected at 20 sites with cooperation of Lanark County



FoTW second Board Meeting for 2006

Publication and first distribution of Tay Watershed tabloid.

Reviewed and provided comments on Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes lake management plan

Attended GB&CLA lake management plan meeting to discuss above.

Cooperation on Residential Well Sampling Project with Queen’s University



Display table at Otty Lake AGM, July 8

Distribution of Tay Watershed Tabloid at lake AGMs continues

Participation in review and discussion of Otty Lake Management Plan

Display table at GB&CLA AGM, July 31



Clean Water Act  - presentation of watershed concerns to provincial social justice sub-committee at Bath, Ontario

Participation in Otty Lake Management Plan lake visit



Served on ongoing ENGO Water Advisory Committee regarding new Source Water Protection legislation



Appointment of FoTW director to MOE Drinking Water Stewardship Funding Panel in Toronto.



Presented Annual Tay Watershed Discovery Evening/Open House, November 23, 2006

FoTW Environmental Awards announced for 2006 (to Cameron Macleod; ecoPerth and MAPLE)

Otty Lake State of the Lake Report (First Draft) completed



FoTW third Board Meeting for 2006

Attended celebration of passage of Clean Water Act at Ontario legislature

Review, update and amendment of FoTW by-laws

FoTW Board adopts a policy statement on climate change

Contact initiated with six watershed municipalities, asking for recognition of Tay Watershed Management

               Plan in OP review 

Cooperation agreement concluded with Ottawa Riverkeeper Program



On-going Activities

Website               - On-going updating and maintenance

Wee Lassie Lottery

                - Display of canoe-kayak and FoTW objectives and sale of lottery tickets at many           

                   venues throughout the summer and fall.

ENGO Water Advisory Committee

                - Participated in meetings and conference calls regarding new Source Water Protection legislation

RVCA Upper Board

               - Attending  meetings

Clean Water Act

               - Ontario-wide committee meetings

Lake Management Plans

- Participation in Steering Committee continues; discussion with candidate lakes for the development of lake management plans

Tay River Trail  - Continued support for trail development

Rideau Valley Rural Clean Water Program – Participation in steering committee

Enquiries & Questionnaires

               - FoTW responds to enquiries for watershed information from a range of sources









January 20, 2007

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