~ an announcement for the Perth Civitan Club and ecoPerth ~

The Perth Civitan Club and ecoPerth are once again offering tree seedlings for sale this coming spring.
Below is a list of the different tree species we have available this year. As in the past, the seedlings are bare root, and range in size 1 to 2 feet. The cost (including taxes) is $2.00 a tree or $17.50 for a bundle of ten of a single species.

Pick up is the MORNING of Saturday May 3rd at the PERTH CIVITAN HALL on Hwy. 43, next to the 3M plant.

We haven't yet pinned down who will be taking phone orders, so if you'd like to place an order within the next few weeks, you can do so by e-mailing me at the following address:


Once you place your order, we will get back to you to confirm and to let you know where to send payment (all orders must be pre-paid). Our supplier has sold out of almost all species so unlike past years we will NOT be able to add more to our order. This means that the sooner you place your order the better, particularly if you're interested in any of the flowering shrubs.

Thanks for your interest. Stay warm!


2008 Tree Sale Species:

black elderberry
highbush cranberry
pagoda dogwood (sometimes called alternate leaf dogwood)
red maple
red oak
red osier dogwood
white cedar
white pine
white spruce

For a detailed description and illustration of each species (except tamarack),  check out our website and click on "truckload tree sale". Please disregard the 'sold out' signs. These apply to our 2006 sale. We hope have it updated in the next few days.